Anticalcifying effect of Daucus carota in experimental urolithiasis.

Anticalcifying effect of Daucus carota in experimental urolithiasis.


J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2019 Apr 5. Epub 2019 Apr 5. PMID: 30962051

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Anticalcifying effect of Daucus carota in experimental urolithiasis in Wistar rats.


BACKGROUND: Urolithiasis is a burgeoning disease that results from pathological biomineralization. Daucus carota L. is a widely consumed food crop with reported nephroprotective and diuretic activity. Its potential for Ashmari bhedan (destruction of stone/calculi) or treatment of urinary calculi has been explored traditionally. However, no scientific evidence is available to prove its antiurolithiatic efficacy. Moreover, establishing the antiurolithiatic effects of D. carota, an extensively consumed commodity with numerous health benefits, would provide a beneficial dietary measure for the prevention and cure of urolithiasis.OBJECTIVE: The study aimed at investigating in vivo antiurolithiatic potential of hydroethanolic extract of D. carota roots against calcium oxalate urolithiasis.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ethylene glycol and ammonium chloride induced hyperoxaluria model of urolithiasis in male Wistar rats was used for the study. Urine and serum parameters and, kidney histopathology was used to determine the antilithic efficacy of D. carota root extract.RESULTS: D. carota extract significantly ameliorated abnormal urinary levels of calcium, oxalate, phosphate, magnesium, citrate, protein and uric acid in lithogenic rats. Serum BUN, creatinine and uric acid levels; and calcium, phosphate and oxalate deposition in kidney tissue were also rendered normal following D. carota treatment. D. carota extract also prevented oxidative stress mediated renal tissue degeneration both prophylactically and curatively.CONCLUSION: This study suggests antiurolithiatic effect of D. carota roots, which can be attributed to its anticrystallization property, ability to ameliorate urine and serum biochemistry and renal cellularity.

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