Red beetroot and betalains as cancer chemopreventative agents.

Red beetroot and betalains as cancer chemopreventative agents.


Molecules. 2019 Apr 23 ;24(8). Epub 2019 Apr 23. PMID: 31018549

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Red Beetroot and Betalains as Cancer Chemopreventative Agents.


Carcinogenesis is the process whereby a normal cell is transformed into a neoplastic cell. This action involves several steps starting with initiation and followed by promotion and progression. Driving these stages are oxidative stress and inflammation, which in turn encompasses a myriad of aberrant gene expressions, both within the transforming cell population and the cells within the surrounding lesion. Chemoprevention of cancer with bioreactive foods or their extracted/purified components occurs via normalizing these inappropriate gene activities. Various foods/agents have been shown to affect different gene expressions. In this review, we discuss whereby the chemoprevention activities of the red beetroot itself may disrupt carcinogenesis and the activities of the water-soluble betalains extracted from the plant.

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