Aloe vera fermentation significantly accelerates burn injury healing.

Aloe vera fermentation significantly accelerates burn injury healing.


Mediators Inflamm. 2019 ;2019:2020858. Epub 2019 Jan 27. PMID: 30837795

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Evaluation of the Treatment Effect ofFermentation in Burn Injury Healing Using a Rat Model.


Burn injury is a growing medical problem associated with public health, and few effective agents are available for treatment of this disease. In the present study, a burn injury rat model was developed and the accelerated effect offermentation on burn injury healing was evaluated. Our results indicated thatfermentation could markedly reduce the DPPH (56.12%), O(93.5%),OH (76.12%), Fechelation (82%), and oxygen-reduction activity (0.28 g/ml) and significantly inhibited the growth of pathogensATCC 13311 (inhibition zone diameter: 14 mm),ATCC13076 (IZD: 13 mm),ATCC 12022 (IZD: 18 mm),44102 (IZD: 10 mm),ATCC 19111 (IZD: 18 mm),301 (IZD: 20 mm),COWAN1 (IZD: 19 mm), andATCC 11827 (IZD: 25 mm). Theresults indicated thatfermentation produced more eosinophils and fibroblasts and less vessel proliferation compared with the model group on the 14day, which had greatly accelerated burn injury healing via shedding of the scab and promoting hair growth. ELISA results indicated thatfermentation had significantly reduced the production of proinflammatory factors TNF-and IL-1(

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