Pro-apoptotic effect of grape seed extract on MCF-7 cells.

Pro-apoptotic effect of grape seed extract on MCF-7 cells.


Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Jul 2 ;20(13). Epub 2019 Jul 2. PMID: 31269652

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Pro-Apoptotic Effect of Grape Seed Extract on MCF-7 Involves Transient Increase of Gap Junction Intercellular Communication and Cx43 Up-Regulation: A Mechanism of Chemoprevention.


Growing evidence suggests dietary antioxidants reduce the risk of several cancers. Grape seeds extracts (GSE) are a rich source of polyphenols known to have antioxidant, chemopreventive and anticancer properties. Herein, we investigated the in vitro effects and putative action mechanisms of a grape seed extract (GSE) on human breast cancer cells (MCF-7). The effects of GSE were evaluated on cell proliferation, apoptosis and gap-junction-mediated cell-cell communications (GJIC), as basal mechanism involved in the promotion stage of carcinogenesis. GSE (0.05-100μg/mL) caused a significant dose- and time-dependent inhibition of MCF-7 viability and induced apoptotic cell death, as detected by Annexin-V/Propidium Iodide. Concurrently, GSE induced transient but significant enhancement of GJIC in non-communicating MCF-7 cells, as demonstrated by the scrape-loading/dye-transfer (SL/DT) assay and an early and dose-dependent re-localization of the connexin-43 (Cx43) proteins on plasma membranes, as assayed by immunocytochemistry. Finally, real-time-PCR has evidenced a significant increase inmRNA expression. The results support the hypothesis that the proliferation inhibition and pro-apoptotic effect of GSE against this breast cancer cell model are mediated by the GJIC improvement via re-localization of Cx43 proteins and up-regulation ofgene, and provide further insight into the action mechanisms underlying the health-promoting action of dietary components.

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