Health-promoting properties of proanthocyanidins for intestinal dysfunction.

Health-promoting properties of proanthocyanidins for intestinal dysfunction.


Nutrients. 2020 Jan 2 ;12(1). Epub 2020 Jan 2. PMID: 31906505

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Health-Promoting Properties of Proanthocyanidins for Intestinal Dysfunction.


The intestinal barrier is constantly exposed to potentially harmful environmental factors, including food components and bacterial endotoxins. When intestinal barrier function and immune homeostasis are compromised (intestinal dysfunction), inflammatory conditions may develop and impact overall health. Evidence from experimental animal and cell culture studies suggests that exposure of intestinal mucosa to proanthocyanidin (PAC)-rich plant products, such as grape seeds, may contribute to maintaining the barrier function and to ameliorating the pathological inflammation present in diet-induced obesity and inflammatory bowel disease. In this review, we aim to update the current knowledge on the bioactivity of PACs in experimental models of intestinal dysfunction and in humans, and to provide insights into the underlying biochemical and molecular mechanisms.

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